Don't wait too long, there's only...


... until the ticket reservation closes.

Profit Planner Retreat

Reserve your ticket for $200 (and reserve housting if you want to stay at the retreat center for $150)

Once you reserve your ticket, you booked your spot!

when? Nov 15-18

where? Nashville, TN

why? By the end of the retreat, you will have an entire profit plan for 2019, an optimized project management system and a list of prioritized tasks that are automated recurring routines. Plus, I hear you will find a 2019 mastermind at the retreat? ;)

day one.

  • Access the updated version of the 90-day profit system live  
  • Create your 2019 profit plan with me  
  • Receive a professionally designed 2019 profit planner workbook that, when filled out, will transform your business. 

day two.

  • See the backend of my Asana live and all the updates I have made since November  
  • Complete an entire project management system optimization for 2019  
  • Meet your 2019 mastermind  
  •  Design and structure your days - new program taught live

day three.

  • Create your priority list for 2019  
  • Automate this list into recurring routines  
  • Work and collab time