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Stepping Into the CEO Role

092: Stepping Into the CEO Role - Indigo Colton interviews Haley of Profit Planner

Today's Guest

Indigo Colton

Systems guru for industry leaders.


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092: Stepping Into the CEO Role on


Since this show has been mainly interviews and income reports I’m going to shake it up a little bit, feeling a little wild cardish today! Today I AM being interviewed by Indigo Colton on her podcast and she asked some really great questions that I figured you might want the answers to.
Also a quick thank you to all of you who have left a review on iTunes!! I am so so appreciate of how you support this show so we can get in front of even more entrepreneurs that are ready to become a CEO! If you have an iPhone would you mind taking it out, finding your purple podcast app, searching the Profit Planner Podcast and then leaving a review? In the future we will be giving out prizes at random to those who review because I really do want to show how thankful I am to those who take a few minutes of their time to help me out.
Now… let’s dive into this interview together!



> How to shift from the entrepreneur mindset (squirrel brain and shiny object syndrome) to thinking and planning your business like a CEO
>  Why hiring full time employees instead of only contractors is necessary to scale your online business
> The importance of thinking about what you want your company culture to be
> My process for determining how to automate your business to create more time to work on your areas of strength and passion



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