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Crafting Challenges That Convert with Zach Spuckler

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Today's Guest

Zach Spuckler

Let me tell you my story.

A year ago I had no list, no sales, and no viable business. I was hungry for freedom and determined to succeed.

So, in my true nature, I hustled. I took courses, I studied the giants in online marketing, and I took risks to get what I want.

Now, in just the first year of Heart, Soul, and Hustle I’ve had 800 students, been featured on the top podcasts, done joint ventures with people I used to watch with envy, and to top it off, I hit $120k in sales! And I did it all on my own terms. Pretty sweet, right?

I went from being an average 22-year-old master’s degree student to living a lifestyle I never even imagined. Before I grew my business I:

  • Had a mountain of student debt and was exhausted all the time from staying up all night trying to hack online business,
  • Didn’t have the time or freedom to take casual walks in the park and just enjoy the moment with my dogs (Teddy and Charles play a huge role in my business) whenever I wanted, and
  • Was hustling way too hard. Undervaluing my services, and not getting enough clients.

So, I did the logical thing anyone in my position would do. I quit school. I quit my job. And, I said no thanks to my stipend and scholarship.

All the while I had naysayers in the peanut gallery telling me “no, this is too risky, you need to stay in school, it’s your fall back plan.” But I said screw it and decided to go all in with my business!

At that point I was scared out of my mind. What if I didn’t succeed? What if I couldn’t support myself? What if they were right?

But on the other hand, I had nothing to lose. So I made a decision then and there. I decided to show up as the CEO of my business, because I couldn’t afford to treat it like an expensive hobby anymore!

In just six short months since becoming a ‘quitter,’ I’ve shocked everyone, even my parents and mentors! I conquered list building, social media, and webinars. And, I started getting requests from more clients than I can handle.

I didn’t want to turn everyone away without any help. So, I packaged my expertise, created my Periscope and Facebook Ads courses, and started a high-level coaching program.


Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that I used Facebook & Periscope – because they go hand-in-hand.


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You know… for a podcast that leans heavy on the topic of marketing I found it surprising that we haven’t covered challenges together yet?! So of course I had to bring on the expert. Zach Spuckler. He’s the king of challenges that CONVERT and I’m excited for you to meet him!!
Real quick – Before we go meet Zach and you get super excited on how to use a challenge for your business – I want to ask you a question. Look at what you spent time on today, do you know what actually made you money? If you answered no… I want to teach you how to STOP hoping for profit and START planning for profit because you can’t build an online empire by aimlessly working. So I will see you at my FREE class over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule at We are covering the 3 P’s of Profit which is the framework I designed to help you eliminate all those emotionally draining tasks, automate everything that’s making you money and run a business that is streamlined and scalable.
DM me on Insta @profitplanner with any questions while you are watching the class, I love to chat as you already know!
Ok, now that you are all signed up for the class let’s go talk with Zach!



> How to figure out the challenge that will convert best
> How to get people INTO your challenge
> How to sell once the challenge is over



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