3 Podcast Episodes that Will Make You More Productive

Productivity is a factor that controls how fast you scale your business. If time is not being used effectively, your businesses growth is not near as substantial as it could be. That is why I rounded up these three podcast episodes that will make a big impact on your productivity and will make you smile BIG from all the actionable advice.

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These are my three favorite productivity podcast episodes so pull out your fuzzy socks and press the play button.

Podcast Episode One: Strategies to Work Smarter and Save Time as an Entrepreneur

I know you are a hustler, I know you work like crazy because you DREAM BIG. And that is what I love about you. There are ways to keep that hustle up while working smarter so that you are actually accomplishing things throughout the day, not just staying busy. I’m going over some effective strategies on how to start working smarter in your business so you can have more time to spend snuggling your puppy or hanging out with your kids.

Podcast Episode Two: Productivity Myths that are Slowing You Down as an Entrepreneur

So there are a few phrases that I have heard thrown around multiple times in the entrepreneur community about productivity. These nasty myths about productivity can be paralyzing to a business owner since our time is so valuable!

It is up to us to make sure our company is consistently profitable and how we spend our time plays a huge role in that. Productivity is a pretty big deal as an entrepreneur. So this is a recording from a Facebook and Instagram live I had which broke down these myths that are slowing you down BIG TIME. I always love connecting and getting to answer questions when they pop up and you’ll hear those answers as well.

Podcast Episode Three: How to Manage Clients and Maximize Profits

This episode talks about getting more productive for service based business owners so that you can take on more clients if you wish and learn how to increase revenue, all while saving a lot of time through your client processes.

Becca Berg is the founder of Dubsado, a client management system that will basically save you from disorganization. Once I got to know Becca and she let me in on her easy solution my productivity game has never been the same since.

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